Cashmere is mostly a rural/residential suburb in the former Pine Rivers Shire, 25 km north-west of central Brisbane. It adjoins the suburbs of Eatons Hill and Warner, and there is a built-up part on its eastern boundary with Warner.

Cashmere is named after an early European settler (1859) James Cash, who had land on the South Pine River at Eatons Hill and Albany Creek. Cash's Crossing is a ford on South Pine Road at the river crossing. Cashmere was formally named in 1979, and 'mere' is Old English for a lake or a pond. Cashmere's northern border overlooks Lake Samsonvale (1976).

Most of the land on Lake Samsonvale's border with Cashmere is state forest. The settled part near Warner has rural/residential acreages and the One Mile Creek linear park.

Cashmere's census populations have been:

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