Kholo is a rural locality at the far west of the Brisbane City Council's municipal area, 26 km south-west of central Brisbane. It is bordered on the west and south by the Brisbane River, on the north by Lake Manchester, and on the east by Mount Crosby. Until 2000 it was part of the City of Ipswich.

Kholo is an old place name. Hiscock's Queensland Atlas (1878) shows Kholo post office, roughly in the vicinity of Kholo Road, north of the Kholo bridge. The origin of the name is apparently unrecorded.

The Queensland Archives records a Kholo primary school, c1876-85. The western neighbour, Pine Mountain, appears to have been the colonial local business centre with a church, shops and a more permanent school. The Kholo Botanic Gardens (1988) are on the western (Ipswich) side of the Brisbane River, near Pine Mountain. They include a wetland and a heritage church from Redbank Plains.

Kholo's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation


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